Lingolden is an educational web app that turns learning French into a simple, everyday task.

This extension puts a fun spin on traditional flashcards: every new tab triggers a new French word, allowing you to steadily improve your vocabulary.


The most common language in the world is not English -- it's icons. With that knowledge, I wanted to create images that would enable users to immediately grasp the French words without knowling what the word meant.

1: Research

First, I spent time researching every object and the various ways they could be represented.

2: Sketch/Draw

Next, I sketched each object on paper and drew it on Illustrator.

3: Color

Finally, I chose color which best represented the image.


In total, there 90+ images in the web application. Here are a few of them

Final Product.

Here is the final product in action. The extension is currently available to
install HERE